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Asked by Maédhros
lindil, what do you and the others think about the other proposed changes? The addition of Morgoth's Ring in one of the last parragraphs?
Well, yes I'm at least happy with them.
But I am not sure if we should not search for more material to insert. Even if we do not use Errantry, we have to think of some other add's from HoME II may be.

About Gil-galad again: I must addmit that my additions in VE-10 are a bit "blocky". But I would like to add the informations about Egalmoth and Galdor. May be we could collect them together as a kind of retrospect?
But I did more than only add these two heros from FoG. I did skipt Gil-galad from any action in the battle. I only in re-reading understood that these could solve our problem with the meaning of "Sirions mouth" in the Gil-galad note. As the § stands now, Gil-galad is only mentioned as leading the survivors of the thrid kinslaying to the Isle of Balar. Thus the text as I posted it is open for any interpretation that is wanted by the read. Gil-galad could have been in the fight or he could have come with Círdan. It has worked well in FoG to be ambigous when we could not decide.

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