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Boots Coming very late...

Coming very late to this particular party, but I was rereading this thread on another forum today where one of the former Turbine employees raises the curtain a bit on LOTRO behind the scenes and the former employee posted the following and it was so hilarious given some of my early complaints about the look of the game that I thought I'd come post it...

Originally Posted by Aylwen
Oh god the armor. I have no idea why it looked so awful, especially in SoA, or how any art director could look at these designs and say, 'great work, ship it!'. Running around at lower levels I really felt like I was being trolled by the game. You know there's a problem when the cosmetic system-allowing you to cover up your hard-earned gear-was one of the most universally popular systems ever released for LOTRO. In WoW my little mage wore her PvP armor with pride. In LOTRO it was like being forced to wear that awful sweater your aged aunt gave you for Christmas every time you went to school.
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