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Originally Posted by Snowdog View Post
That is sad to see somethin that started last century meet its demise. How has the LOTRO change in ownership work out so far?
In many respects it is still too early to tell.

My impression (and this is just an impression) is that the player base has stabilized somewhat. However, I am on one of the more populated servers so that may distort my experience. I've heard that Brandywine has taken a big hit in population and it was the king of server pop by an exponential amount ever since the start of the game.

I'd describe there being a sense of resignation on the part of the player base regarding expectations of Standing Stones. There is a sense that Turbine broke the game so badly that Standing Stones, all being late-comers to LOTRO development, don't have the historical know-how of the code to perform substantial changes without breaking the functioning of the entire game.

What happened to the Guardian class is continually held up as an example of this. It is a particularly glaring example where Turbine almost right before the end completely broke the class and SSG hasn't really done anything to fix the situation except for a few faltering and poorly received steps.

People are on the whole excited for the coming Mordor expansion, if for no other reason than this will provide the climax of the story. SSG claims to have a couple of years more of development and content sketched out after this. It probably depends on how well Mordor sells if this comes to fruition.

I think we will probably end the sort of honeymoon phase with SSG with the deployment of Mordor.

For all its problems, LOTRO has one major thing going for it. It is the only Tolkien themed MMO out there. People who what to play an MMO in Middle earth have no other place to go. Most of the players who are left are there for that reason or keep coming back for that reason. If this game had not been set in Middle earth I believe it would have died some time ago. But us Tolkien folk are stubborn.
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