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Maedhros wrote:
I'm not sure that the addition of:
Thus begins the Lay of Eärendil and further it tells that

is necessary.
I agree. Not that it does any obvious harm, but it's better not to make additions than to make them, all else being equal.

Wasn't it established that Erenion was a valid name for Gil-Galad?
Yes, as I recall. It should be "Ereinion" throughout rather than "Rodnor".

Quendi be replaced by Vanyar here too?
Well - one could say that it was not just the Vanyar but also the Noldor that remained in Tirion.

I'm not at all happy with these additions of LoTR nor the LT2 outlines. It seems to me very odd.
I must say I'm not in favor of the LotR additions either. I would prefer to avoid taking text directly from LotR or The Hobbit. I can see more of a justification for the LT additions, since this is potentially valid material that otherwise is completely excluded and "lost". But the more I think about it the more it seems to me that the best solution for our purposes may be to leave his voyages completely ambiguous as in the '77.

don't see the necessity of the change folk of Sirion to Lothrim.
Nor I.

The addition of the Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl does not work for me.
Do you mean the whole incident or just the way it is edited into the text at the moment?

I'm not at all sold on the fact that this statement can be taken that there were some Ñoldor like Galadriel who were not allowed to return West.
I think our text here is safely ambiguous. It does not say whether or not there were Elves that were not allowed to return west. It merely says that of those that did return west, all were allowed to go back to Valinor.

the Gods be Valar?

The rest looks good, as far as I can see right now. I'll look over it again more closely when I get a chance.
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