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I'm loving all this teen vs parent action.

And what's amazing is I'm finding myself siding with the parents though I have yet to sire offspring.
And hovering parents. The kind that want to know exactly what you're doing online. So they stand behind you and watch.
Yeah, that would be annoying if they stood there watching you (mine never did that), but there's nothing wrong with them wanting to know what you are doing.
Eighteen isn't the age where you start to like them again?
There's supposed to be a time when you don't like your protectors, providers, and life-givers?!

I've always liked mine.
Off to Mordor with offspring who don't fully understand the difficulties of being a parent, or that part of being a parent is a constant, never-ending and sometimes irrational worry over their children, or that when they seem to be spoiling your fun they usually only have your best interests at heart ....
Amen. I'm with SPM.

Though I'm not a parent, I often take care of my cousins or my friends' kids, and my experiences with them have made me really really really sympathize with parents.
You are judged by the company you keep
My parents never tossed me that line, probably because my close friends that I hung out with were not pot-heads, crack-heads, gangsters, sluts, thieves, or jerks. Parents wouldn't have a reason to utter that dreaded line if their kids didn't hang around with such people.
So we are sending to Mordor those who act out of a genuine sense of love, devotion and duty simply because, on occasion, they can get it wrong, even though nobody (no, not even those who are parents) is able to exercise perfect judgment and get things right 100% of the time?
Apparently, yes.

I dunno- it seems like every non-parent is on the side opposed to me. Perhaps I had unusually awesome parents? For one thing, teens always think they know everything. I did too (I still do). But the difference was, I never thought I knew more than my dad- he's a genius. Perhaps that kept me from being a normal teenager?

Anyway, off to Mordor with all teens who don't understand that parents see their children as extensions of their own bodies and souls, and are just as interested in and worried about their children as they are themselves, and want to spare their children as many bumps and bruises, physical and emotional, as possible, and help their children be better at everything than they were when they were young.
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