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All quotes are from Maedhros's last post.
Do you mean all of the additions from QS77.
Yes, and from AB2 as well.

I have been thinking a little about it, and I now believe that we should get rid of the Orni/Earni, because if we follow the later Ainulindalė and Valaquenta accounts, in those there is no mention of them (if I recall correctly).
I don't think that this amounts to their rejection. A great many things are not mentioned in Ainulindale or Valaquenta - werewolves, wolfhounds, Boldogs, etc.

I think that you may be right, but CRT lines feels better IMO, and yes I know that should not be a factor in our decisions. The original clause would do just fine.
I say we return to the original.

Can you offer an alternative way?
Good question. I'll think about it.

This, along with section VE-03 are still in the works but I rather like section VE-07. Can you offer an alternative to section VE-07. Also you forgot to mention about section VE-03.
I don't follow. My complaint about VE-07 is that the Lost Tales additions seem slightly awkward; there are no Lost Tale additions in VE-03.

I'm a little lost here, but wasn't Morgoth in the Q and QS chained?
Yes, but in one of the Myths Transformed texts there enters a story where he willingly submits after the Battle of the Powers, and does not wear Angainor at that point. In my opinion, that text is in the grey area where we need to examine it carefully in order to decide whether it is workable or not. If it is, the "which he had worn aforetime" must be removed.

I can argue that we would have the same problem in the Fall of Gondolin with the later Tuor material and Tuor B. I don't see the harm in adding it, after all they are the words of JRRT, unlike in change VE-02. I thought that making a more "Complete Sil" was part of our purpose.
One major difference is that whereas all versions of FoG were written as narrative, these notes from MT were never intended as narrative of any sort. I agree that our goal is not to create something of literary worthiness, but rather a "Complete Silmarillion". But that does not mean that we take everything that Tolkien ever wrote that pertains to some particular point and mix it all together. I don't think that the MT additions accomplish anything, and they do badly interrupt the prose.

I added the material from the RGEO in there. I think that although it is not ultimately necessary, I think it would add some detail in here, and because it comes from RGEO it is canonical too.
Again, I don't think that just because something could be added it necessarily should be. Also, I'm wary about adding quotations from "primary" works already published during Tolkien's lifetime.

A while back, you wrote:
My problem with using especifically the name of Galdor and Egalmoth is that I think that it would be too much of a liberty from my point of view. If you can use the principles to convince me that it is ok, I might change my mind.
As I recall, the justification for this is from the Name List that accompanies the Lost Tales FoG.
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