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Maedhros wrote:
What I meant is that section VE-03 should be look at, not that it had Lost Tales material.
Yes, surely Gil-Galad is still an issue.

Ok. I would retain that he was chained, yet I do so because of personal taste more than something that comes from our principles.
To make a decision on this point, we'll have to look closely at MT and at the extant Battle of the Powers narratives.

Why so? Since our goal is not to create something of literary worthiness, but rather a "Complete Silmarillion", why not create the most "Complete Silmarillion" that we can.
This is a bigger issue than the points at hand. I guess my main problem with the addition is that it's not really narrative - it's analysis. It's Tolkien analyzing the Valar's actions and motives. I don't think it adds any new narrative substance to the passage.

As for not creating the most complete Silmarillion that we can - we didn't add any fragments from II to the the later Tuor; we didn't add material from the Glorfindel essays to the battle with the Balrog; we didn't add anything from the Lost Tales to the Ainulindale or Valaquenta.

It's not a very clear matter in my mind, though, and I'll think about it.

I'm not sure what you mean. The problem that I had with using the Egalmoth and Galdor names at that place is that there is no narrative or notes by JRRT that suggests the usage of those names in the Voyage of Eärendil. I think that it comes very close to fan-fiction, no offense intended.
In the Name List accompanying the Fall of Gondolin it is said, as I recall, that Egalmoth made it out of Gondolin and was slain in the Third Kin-slaying, and that Galdor survived the Kin-slaying and is now living happily in Tol Eressea.
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