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Posted by Aiwendil:
It [the fight between Eärendil and Ungoliant] was never specifically denied, but in LQ we have: "It is said that she ended long ago, when in her uttermost famine she devoured herself at last." It's not given as a certainty ("it is said . . ."), but even the possibility is certainly enough to proclude her from VoE.
But that doth only mean that Earendil had notkilled her. The storyline I have in mind is as follows: After Ungoliant was driven away from Lammoth, she established for a time on the south slopes of the Ered Gorgoroth and produced there some foul offspring. (Like Shelob about which it is told in The Lord of the Ring that she had fought Beren when he crossed the Gorgorth.) In my view she must have left Beleriand fairly early since we get no record of that event. This could only mean that she left before the Noldor settled in East-Beleriand or even before the rising of the moon and sun as will be explained later. But this detail does not matter here. She wandered to the south of Middle-Earth and dwelt their at first in a (for her) hohlesome area at the coast. As was her habbit, she produce a darkness around her home. (That darkness even lasted after the sun and moon were lifted, thus it can be said that Eärendils victory over Ungoliant brought light to many places that had been dark. That is the reason why I think she left Beleriand even before the rising of the sun.) When Eärendil came on his voyages to the south of Middle-Earth he encountered Ungoliant and both fought with each other. Eärendil was victorius and drove her from the coast into the more dessert like innlands of south Middle-Earth. There "in her uttermost famine she devoured herself at last." Thus both statements are more or less true: Eärendil killed her but not directly, and she devoured her self.
But this is my picture and clearly not "cannon".

And when they came into the West the {Gnomes} [Elves of Beleriand] for the most part rehabited the Lonely Isle, that looks both West and East; and that land became very fair, and so remains. But some returned even to Valinor, as all [that went west] were free to do who willed; and there the {Gnomes} [Noldor] were admitted again to the love of Manwë and the pardon of the Valar; and the Teleri forgave their ancient grief, and the curse was laid to rest.
I like that change even beter than my own.


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