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Sorry for the great delay in my response.

You've split up and moved:

The meeting of the hosts of the West and of the North is named the Great Battle, the Battle Terrible, and the War of Wrath. There was marshalled the whole power of the Throne of Morgoth, and it had become great beyond count, so that Dor-na-Fauglith could not contain it, and all the North was aflame with war. But it availed not. The Balrogs were destroyed, save some few that fled and hid themselves in caverns inaccessible at the roots of the earth. The uncounted legions of the Orcs perished like straw in a great fire, or were swept like shrivelled leaves before a burning wind. Few remained to trouble the world for long years after.
Now I agree that all but the first sentence of this must be placed after the account of the battle at Sirion. But I don't see the need to move the first sentence. Indeed, moving it as you do makes it sound as though "The Great Battle" refers specifically to the battle over the river Sirion.

In fact, I wonder whether the whole thing ought to be moved to the battle on the Anfauglith. Does "the Great Battle" refer to the whole campaign or just to the final overthrow of Morgoth? I had always assumed the former, but reading the passage from a certain point of view, I can convince myself of the latter.

[The Noldor of Enws host camped long in Nan-Tathren.]
Where does this come from? I understand it to be a replacement for the Lost Tales story of Noldorin - but what suggests that it was specifically the Noldor of Eonwe's host that camped in Nan-Tathren (as opposed to the Vanyar)?

More importantly, are we really justified in retaining and altering this Lost Tales account? I don't see that any later changes necessitate that the account be lost completely, but they certainly make the account dubious. I think it would be safer to drop this and the story of the battle of the Silent Pools. At any rate, this:

But these Army of Enws host did overthrow them in the battle of the Silent Pools.
. . . ought, I think, to be:

But the Army of Enw's host overthrew them in the battle of the Silent Pools.
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