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Maedhros wrote:
Can you say to us which part would you be willing to incorporate in the chapter from what Findegil has added so that we can continue to work in this chapter?
I must say, I lean toward eliminating all the Lost Tales material:

<FG {Did not even after the days of Tuor Noldorin and his Eldar come there seeking for Dor Lomin and the hidden river and the caverns of the Gnomes'-imprisonment; yet thus nigh to their quest's end were like to abandon it?}[One of the hosts of the Elves camped long in Nan-Tathren.] Indeed sleeping {and dancing here}there{, and making fair music of river sounds and the murmur of grass, and weaving rich fabrics of gossamer and the feathers of winged insects}, they were whelmed by the goblins sped by [Morgoth] from the [Ironhills] and {Noldorin}[only a few of the Elves] made bare escape thence.>
In the long run, it amounts to only a few sentences; I think that when we weigh the benefit of including it against its canonical uncertainty, it is well worth leaving it out.

At the very most, I can see including the battle in Nan-Tathren without explicit reference to the Noldor - but I'm very uncertain about this also, and to be honest I'd rather leave it out also. But if both of you are adamant about retaining it, I could compromise there.

Again, I have no problem at all with the material from AB.

Findegil wrote:
I like the discussions about the boundary we do here very much.
So do I! I find even the most obscure technical points interesting; I hope I didn't give the impression that I'd rather just sweep away all these arguments.
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