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Aiwendil has been trapped in the Barrow!

I also would rather go with eliminating the Nan-Tathren battle completely.

I'm pleased that you now agree with my suggestion on the Gil-Galad issue (though to be honest I had to wade through quite a bit of the early discussion to recall the details of that issue).

I've been thinking about Lindil's concern back then regarding the kingship passing from the house of Fingolfin to the house of Finarfin without much gravity, and I do think I can sympathize with that concern now. But unless I'm mistaken we needn't actually come right out and say that Gil-Galad inherited the High Kingship; he is called a king of the Noldor, but it can be left ambiguous whether this is in fact the kingship of all the Noldor. "King" in the restricted sense still need not conflict with Earendil's "lordship" over the exiles of Gondolin.
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