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Yet [Eärendil] saw now no hope left in the lands of Sirion, and he turned again in despair and came not home, but sought back once more to Valinor with Elwing at his side. He stood now most oft at the prow, and the Silmaril he bound upon his forehead; and ever its light grew greater as they drew unto the West. Maybe it was due in part to the puissance of that holy jewel that they came in time to the waters that as yet no vessels save those of the Teleri had known; and they came to the Enchanted Isles.<LT2 - isolated Note (xii)The Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl was awakened by {Littleheart's gong:}[them]/. He was/ a messenger that was despatched years ago by Turgon and enmeshed in magics. Even now he {cannot }could not leave the Tower and {warns}warned them of the magic. Thus they{ and} escaped their enchantment<. Later the Elves made a song in his memory:><LT2 - The Happy Mariners (Version of 1940?)
To me a messenger that was dispatched by Turgon could not reach the Enchanted Isles because of the Doom of the Valar. That element for me disqualifies him, so I would be against including him in here. Eärendil could only reach the West because he had the Silmaril and Tuor and Idril had the blessing of Ulmo.

VE-04: Okay; I forgot we had changed it to Vanyar in the first instance.
We all agree on that then.

VE-08: I'm still tempted to use the Lost Tales fragments; I could go either way on that.
Wow, if you can go either way then I would propose to use the fragments.

No, I did stick to the § order in Q30. I appologies that I did not mention that point. Petty Dwarfs suggestion has some wight and we should dicuss the movment of the §.
I myself would not move it. It is a bit atricifical to have the Teleri listen to Elwing and then recount her fist metting with them. But I find it even more strange to have Eärendil go on his first heavenly juorney and stir the hopes in Middle-Earth before the Host of the Valar even begins to prepare as it is in Sil77. Some other § arangements might be posible were we would aviod both, but I don't think were are going to play around with Tolkiens writtings in that way.
It seems to me that if both you and Aiwendil prefer to keep the order of the paragrahps as JRRT did, then I'm ok with that.

VE-21: The Second Prophecy of Mandos is still a major unresolved issue. Maybe we should revive the old thread we had on it.
Does that means that the Prophecy is the only unresolved issue left in this chapter or are there others than I'm not aware of?
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