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Feared Half-Elf has just left Hobbiton.

Nienna, your not the only person who doesn't live in America, not by a long shot!

Technically I'm not a New Corpse, but I've only just found this thread.

I'm in Year 10, for all those in England. I was converted to Lotr when a new girl in my class at school joined our gang and mysteriously liked Legolas. Now I'm into the whole shebang. My friend regrets the day when she let on that she liked him, because now I won't stop talking about Lotr and the BD.
For other hobbies of mine, I've been a fan of archery since I was 11. I've done it several times now and hope to join a club soon. I enjoy Geography, for some strange reason, and I play the Saxaphone. I'm currently Grade 4.

Thats all, Vanya Sulie!
"You will find the Holy Grail in Castle Aaaaaaahhhhhh *leans sideways*"

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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