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woids, woids, woids.

Okay, I can't resist; I'm gong to put in my own two cents worth, as they say here on the Downs.

The way I approach this-- being essentially clueless about french and latin and half the other stuff-- is as follows. I go for as many monosyllabic words as possible. (cough)

I use short words.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Elves speak in simple ways. I didn't really believe this til I looked up some of Galadriel's speech.

"The love of the elves for their land and their works is deeper than the sea, and their regret is undying and cannot ever be wholly assuaged. Yet they will cast all away rather than submit to Sauron: for they know him now."

"Assuaged", "undying" are the only three-syllable words (sort of); the rest are all two-syllable or one. One syllable is safest if you can find it.

Anyway, it seems to work; lmp nabs me much less these days!

ps. lmp says "assuaged" is french, and it's the only non-english word in the whole quote. Hey! I'm getting there! Yippee!
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