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Tolkien regarding less green goo....

Oh, all right. Sorry about he Jorje nose thing. That comes right out of real life; it's the way dogs will be.

But if you don't want green, I'm okay with that. Green was my cue that Rae has pneumonia. It's a one to one correlation, according to my medically knowledgeable spouse. So if you want to avoid this particular plot development, we can all edit, if you like, but I'd just as soon we didn't; this shall prove a useful vehicle for Raefindan to do some maddened dreaming of Imrazor, I'm thinking.

Okay, I've fixed the last three posts for Raefindan (or is it two?). I've removed some of the more nasal references, and rewritten the Jorje incident; I also fixed my failure to have Rae's speech sound like a bad cold. Now I won't have to worry about that for a little while, what with him out cold and all - pardon the pun.

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