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Tolkien seeking authoritative direction

I am somewhat at loose ends. I'm not happy with Raefindan's dream. Helen and I have discussed Imrazor's relationship with Mithrellas briefly in the past, and whereas I had just assumed that Imrazor had more or less overpowered her, Helen had not seen it so. So I want to work some tension into their relationship, such that Imrazor's tension is between fate (as he sees it) and honor, and Mithrellas's is between love and duty on one hand, and between love and - I don't know - distrust or resentment on the other.

One other primary question: when Imrazor happend up on Mithrellas, was it after Nimrodel had missed the boat, or before? And if it was after, was Nimrodel flying alone into the wilds of Gondor, and Mithrellas following after, or with her, or what?
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