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Legate of Amon Lanc's post - ┴forglaed

"It is of soldiering I would speak, though. How does one gain entry to such service here?"

┴forglaed surveyed the Dunlending with new interest. Was it possible this man could join them in Scarburg? It was true, ┴forglaed mused, Eodwine would have to get more men to replace some of those who died during the winter. Such as poor old Raban. Sooner or later. So why not this Dunlending?

"I guess you would have to speak to the eorl about it," he said. "That's what it comes down to, anyway. When I came here, I was already in the eorl's service, the previous one, I mean. But yes, why not? Talk to Eodwine. I mean lord Eodwine. Or to Thornden, I mean commander Thornden, he is in charge of these things. Even though he will lead you to Eodwine anyway. But yes."

The prospect of having a Dunlending as a fellow guardsman gave ┴forglaed a strange feeling, but it was also kind of intriguing. However, loud rumble in ┴forglaed's stomach also reminded him that he wanted to go to have dinner.

"Listen," he said, "I am pretty hungry and the food is being served, but if I see Thornden or Eodwine, I mean lord Eodwine, I can tall them. Uh okay, probably not Eodwine, he might have too many important things. But Thornden. Or you can find me or any of the other soldiers, they can tell you who Thornden is."

There was a sound of metal pots clanging from somewhere in the kitchen. "I have to go," ┴forglaed said. "But see you around, Lamedon!" And he rushed away from the well, without looking back.


Folwren's Post - Saeryn

Morning After the Arrival of the Caravan

Saeryn had noticed the woman that came with the caravan the first night she arrived, though she had no chance to speak with her. The ordering of the new supplies and seeing that everyone was fed, and tending to her sick husband and child, had filled Saeryn's time. It was not until the second day that she was able to approach the woman.

She left the women washing up dishes in the kitchen and went out to the hall. The stranger had been given no task and stood rather awkwardly by the fire. Saeryn smiled.

"I am truly sorry I have not greeted you before now, lady," she said. She spoke respectfully, for it seemed to her that the woman came from a respectable family. "I was remiss yesterday not to have seen to your bed myself. Forgive me." The woman's head dipped slightly, and she looked at a loss for words. Saeryn did not pause long. She motioned towards a table and as they sat down, she said, "What is your errand here, and how may I assist you?"

Brith smiled, and a little belatedly, dropped in a curtsey. "My lady Saeryn," she replied in Rohirric, as she had been addressed. "If it please you..." she hesitated, switching to Westron. "I am ashamed to say I know very little of your beautiful language." She smiled.

Saeryn, too, smiled. "I can speak Westron if you like. I was asking your errand, and if you might require assistance of any kind."

"My lady, I would hate to ask anything, seeing how things stand here," Brith said quickly, then realized that her words could be interpreted the wrong way. Especially since she hadn't really been doing anything useful all morning, but she had been discouraged by a local woman who had shrugged off her question if she could help with any of the household chores. She didn't want to seem too proud or condescending. "My name is Brithiel, and I am of Lamedon. More recently, from Arnor." Idly, she wondered if she was rambling.

"I am a seamstress by profession. I have come to Scarburg on a... personal quest." Again she paused. She had nothing against telling this grave and friendly young lady her story, but her father had always told her to keep it short when she was explaining something. Saeryn gave her an encouraging nod and she continued.

"I am hoping to stay for a few weeks, or maybe a few moons, while I take care of my business. I understand you already have many mouths to feed, and I do not desire to be a burden. I will help you as I may. Sewing is my trade, and I also know weaving and spinning." She paused and smiled again. "I am more than glad to help you with anything that has to be done around the household, too. I spent the last couple of years doing laundry and shearing sheep, among other things."

"One willing to work hard is always welcome here," Saeryn said kindly. "We have fallen on hard times, but winter is passed, and the roads are opened to Edoras. I do not think I am wrong to say that you will not be a burden and we have plenty of supplies now. May I ask what this personal quest is and why you have chosen our humble, and rather worn, home to finish your business in?"

"Oh my lady, but Scarburg is lovely!" Brith insisted. "The scar is a marvel, and you can see the hall has been constructed with love. It only saddens me to see how you have suffered in the winter."

Saeryn smiled and murmured something about Brith being too generous with her praise, and then waited patiently for her to continue.

"But I did not choose to come here because of your beautiful home, I'm afraid. I am looking for a man by the name of Belecthor, son of Handir. We were betrothed to be married many years ago." Brith cast down her glance. "He... we didn't marry, and I heard he's now in Rohan and has a family here. In Edoras I heard stories that his wife is the niece of a landholder in Mid-Emnet named Tancred. I understand this Tancred lives not far from Scarburg."

Brith looked back up at Saeryn. She realized for the first time that her errand may seem inappropriate for an unmarried woman traveling alone, if not even scandalous. She tried a faint smile.

Saeryn returned the smile, though it was no stronger than Brith's. She had met Tancred only once, and she had not been well impressed by him.

"You may stay as long as you have need," she said after the briefest pause. "We will do what we can to help you in your search."

"Thank you, my lady," Brith replied. "You are too kind." She hesitated. She had offered her services in exchange for a roof over her head and something to eat, that was just and fair. To come as a wealthy foreigner and offer money could be seen as rude. Still, she felt like she had been presuming and given a bad impression of herself. "If I may, would you, Lady Saeryn, accept a small gift as thanks for your hospitality?" She produced a small pouch and opened it on the table. "These are freshwater pearls from Lake Evendim. They are abundant there, worn by commoners too on festive occasions, but here in the south we seldom see them. If you know a good jeweler, these could be made into a lovely little brooch or bracelet for your beautiful daughter - or perhaps I could help you to sew them in one of your own gowns, in the Gondorian fashion?"

Saeryn's lips parted with surprise. She smiled, pleased by the gentle luster of the pearls, and she touched one with the tip of her finger.

"This is no small gift," she said, glancing up at Brith. The young lady looked nervous, scared that she had offended Saeryn, and Saeryn smiled again. "I will accept them."

"I will still work, as we agreed," Brith hurried to say.

Saeryn smiled kindly. "Let us go to the kitchen and I will introduce you to all the ladies."

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