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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Thornden roused himself when the others of the guardroom bestirred themselves. It was well after the women of the hall and the few other early risers had been awake, but no one, besides the children, were up long after sunrise.

Breakfast was not quite ready when they woke. Most of the men saw to whatever work they had to attend – some brought in wood, some drew water, others stirred the fires and brought the embers to life – others who had no work before breakfast to attend sat together and talked in quiet conversation.

Thornden made his way outside. The morning air still had a frigid bite to it, as though winter had stolen back during the night. The cold woke him thoroughly, and he took a deep breath of it. He headed towards the stables, for he had an idea that he would take his horse out that day and see if he would have any luck hunting. He had little hope of being successful – any game he found would be thin and meatless after the hard winter – but he had not ridden in a long time, and he did not know when his next opportunity would be, for soon the work of spring would begin and every man would be hard at work breaking the ground to plant crops, and building back the parts of the hall that had been torn down during the winter.

He bid good morning to Léof and Javan when he passed them on his way through the stables towards the outside paddocks. As he exited the stables, he spotted a young man hard at work grooming a horse. Thornden paused as he passed and turned his head to look. The horse’s coat was caked with mud and Thornden did not envy the lad his job. He turned his feet towards him and approached.

“Good morning!” he said as he approached. “You have quite a task ahead of you.” He smiled sympathetically as he surveyed the horse and then looked at the young man. “You are Elfthain, are you not?” he said. “We have not met. I am Thornden.”
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