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Ledwyn frowned at the girl.

“Your mother told you to sit by the table, young lady,” she said sternly. “And you should say brought, not broughted.” Ledwyn watched as the girl pouted, but then brightened up again as thoughts started sparkling in her mind. At times like this, it seemed to Ledwyn that the reason the girl’s hair was so red was because sometimes these sparks flew out and set it on fire.

Her face serious and meek, but her eyes shining with mischief, Ruari tried to plead. “Stefnu gived me honey before!”

“We do not say gived,” Ledwyn said patiently, while she thought of how to best answer the lass, “we say gave.”

“So I can have the honey. I will remember to say gave.” Ruari jumped on Ledwyn’s hesitation.

“No you cannot,” Ledwyn retorted. She saw Stefnu come in with an empty tray in one arm. She wished the woman would not meddle now. “Honey is rare,” she tried reasoning, “and it is a treat. If you would eat honey with every porridge, you would empty Elfthain’s flask in less than a fortnight, and you will not have any honey left for special days. Besides, you are not the only one who wants to try the honey. Your brother still did not have any, and I do not see him wheedling it out of the kitchen wenches.”

“But Stefnu gave me honey because I was good that day! I was good after that too!”

“You were not very good this morning, child, or else your mother would not bring you here to sit and cool down your temper.” And Stefnu should not have given you that honey. Ledwyn saw that the woman was listening, and tried to finish her task quickly. “Now go Ruari, sit where your mother told you, and stay there until she comes back.”
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