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Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
Oh really? I am/was a pretty huge Age of Empires fan. Wish they were still around.
Rick, the older brother of the Founders left, and when Microsoft bought them out, they shut down the studio (killing competition).

Tony (who produced most of the later AoE games) is now producing Mobile Content and Games.

They are now working on a Strategic Mobile Game App. I am hoping to eventually get him to do some vanity projects.

I rewatched the first Robocop the other day (I've never seen any of the sequels or the remake, I admit); it's an absolutely terrific film, the kind of action film that simply isn't made anymore.
I have HUGE issues with Verhoeven. But Robocop is a very decent production, which appropriately mocked the Privatization of the world which we now see as so destructive in much of it.

My main issue with him is in his treatment of Starship Troopers, which he destroyed in the exact same way that Jackson destroyed Tolkien's work (imposing their own biases, rather than depicting what the Author of the work intended - I am very much an originalist when it comes to literature and fictional works).

But Verhoeven is very talented.

And the team he assembled for the movie is largely responsible for its success (although Paul Weller is not a nice person - he.... well...)

I must admit you make a good point about adapting The Hobbit, and I think this comes down to their efforts also to make it "more like The Lord of the Rings" by trying to turn it into an ensemble piece. Even though it's a trilogy of films which all go for well over two hours each, parts still feel rushed - usually the more sombre parts they gloss over so that they can get to more action...
Funny.... It wouldn't have had to feel rushed if he had not crammed irrelevant scenes and characters into it.

We didn't need to know about the Battle of Azanulbizar. We didn't need to have Radagast. We didn't need the assault on Dol Guldur. We especially didn't need Tauriel, or any of the Barrel-riders Theme-park ride.

If those were to be included in anything, it should have been a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIE, made specifically to tie The Hobbit into The Lord of the Rings.

And from the short conversation that I had with Tolkien's Estate... It's likely that if Jackson had just freaking stuck to the danged book, that the Estate would have trusted either him, or others to make other works of Tolkien's.

But between Saul Zaentz, Ralph Bakshi, Peter Jackson, and the lies of New Line Cinema and Warner Bros..... They had just become too suspicious of anyone connected with Hollywood to be trusted with Tolkien's remaining works.

Some day, maybe that will happen, with someone who is capable of being trusted to remain more faithful to Tolkien's intent.

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