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Re: outline and preliminary discussions

Perhaps, at last, a baby step in the right direction?

From the first, I have suggested (argued) that the best way to approach this is to: (1) decide what format the Canon will take; and (2) decide what will be included.

By discussing what part Myths Transformed will take, whether all agree or not with its inclusion or non-inclusion, you have, at least started to think about the seminal issue of what is the canon , i.e. what is included and what is not. Myths Transformed is probably the lynchpin. You can't start writing anything without deciding whether to include it because what JRRT wanted to change impacts upon the whole Legendarium, from Ainulindale to Earendil and beyond to Numenor.

Deciding what goes in will probably dictate format. Nonetheless, there are probably only a few formats which might work: (1) the chapter approach; (2) a tale of years approach (just occurred to me and may avoid copyright problems as well as the need to figure out how to rewrite whole segments of the Sil); (3) the annotation approach; and (4) the encyclopedia approach (fit the issues into encyclopedia entries).

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