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Re: outline

Greetings Durleen , great ideas.

as for adding Finrod and Andreth, Druedain and such into the Silm. it is my personal solution to the fact that we will never see JRRT's full Silm. and so where material rom HoME/UT is chronologically and stopywise relevant.
But discussion is what we need ! We all will probably have our pet ideas, which everyone else wants to shoot down, which should down -which we should humbly take as a sign!

I will unfortunately as things are just heating up and all of us are posting have to jump out till late tonight but I am glad we are getting down to nuts and bolts.

Mithadan , I prefer all working on one text [if large] together, because it will gives us a much greater sense of community and if we are all working from the same books and principles will be reasonably limited. I think the # of variations . Smaller maeglin like texts are prob. best solo efforts.

As for base texts and Tuor [sorry I am answering here but I don't have time to get back to the other thread at the moment] Each major subsection [T.'s coming /up to MAeglin's betrayel/the battle/ flight can all have different base texts ] assuming we are aiming for a homogenous style throughout the chapters .


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