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the everevolving conceptions

&quot; And precisely one of the reasons I claimed that it would (in the end) be
the only 'fully' satisfactory 'canon' that could ever be presented, but we
are in essence talking a re-edited Sil here and now, not a 'canon' Sil.

probably true enough. I have found w/ every aspect of this project, that I have to re-examine each step at least 1X.

It could be canon in terms of the idea's /form's of story chosen , but re-edit interms of how the peices are put together.
I recall posting somewhere a month or so ago that there is something of a distinction between the final conceptions [idea canon] and the final possible literary story[text canon]
For the moment I see this as a tangle for a larger group to try and unknot.

My personal goal is to see [literally] all of the non-conflicting story material peiced together in as readable a fashion as possible.
W/ the current materials ,this is doable.

My goals w/ the project are to engage and in this trial run w/ the group of us and see where we go , and what we come up w/.
I def. know I will come out of it understanding the books far better than I do now, and a better idea of what is and isn't possible w/ editing/canon/FF and the like [ both of which will help w/ the per. goal].


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