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Re: Sun and moon

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> So again in brief we are hoping to establish a few working drafts which we can then dangle around at some of the language boards and such and see if we can generate a much larger forum of folks t decide these things<hr></blockquote>
Lindil; I submit the following idea:

Perhaps a presentation of the re-edited Epilogue That I have already done would serve as an introduction as to the style and end-result draft that you are speaking of to the group(s) you are mentioning.

At minimum it would show the intent of the project, while showing that new material is not to be incorporated. Agreed, it is a fairly straightforward example, but it is one that is finished and has little in the way of alternative presentations possible; and is in theory, a fair general representation idea of the project as a whole (a re-editing).

On the bonus side; the fact that you don't agree with all the material included may make it an even better representation piece for analysis

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