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Sun and Moon/Heren Istarion


Heren Istarion: &quot; is it to be given as 2 different accounts (one after another):
1 as known by loremasters (round earth theory)
2 common opinion (flower and fruit)

or maybe it may be medled paragrah by paragraph? with some entries
like &quot;as men afterwords beleived&quot; &quot;as was known by loremasters&quot; etc? &quot;

apologies Heren , I did not catch that this was a question on the first read . I read it as a proposal.
So far we have been limiting ourselves to using JRRT text only [w/ the possible exception to 77 material that might be CRRT] w/ out linking phrases, as handy as they would be especially w/ a MT version . There is some relevant discussion in the 'Literary devices and such ' thread. We came to the conclusion at the time [it is not in stone] that linking phrases -put us into the fan-fiction realm.
Not that this is evil or anything ,just that the agreed goal was to use text and text like drafts that were capable of being used as is.

I think that we are looking at the old world conception here, or 2 different drafts[ 1 old world and 1MT] .
but I propose we explore this more fully after DoV .

the original goal was to have a team effort on the old cosmology and Saulotus was going to be in charge of the MT version - barring his return we will have to regroup and see what we want todo re: MT .

Heren , do I take it you are on w/ the project , or are contemplating such?

Hoping that is the case,


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