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The Eye

Hail, Grey pilgrim,

I listen to the sorrow of the last ship, and it reminds me of a melody called "Lost Earth" ost from "the Weathering Continent" (a stretch to the Grey Haven?)
This melody is the expression of the deep desire to reach a fabulous land of wonder where ancient and legendary things of the past still live... over the Sea.
Lost Earth
Lost Horizons

With the melody come those words:

Envisioning a transparent dream
Those mysterious eyes softly fill the body with
Words reflected in water

I’ll walk until the realm of myths
A sleep before dawn
Outside a dream about to fade away,

The sigh of the blue moon
I feel it closely even if you touch and see it in
The softly shining hair, it’s distant

The form of the endlessly beloved fingers
Embraces the thoughts about to be destroyed and sleep
Shortly returning to them once again

If the lingering midday’s pale, slight fever
Locks it up, frozen sand will take its place
Inside the heart, a melody becoming transparent
I can hear it, like eternity

My lost Earth, my lost horizon in frozen sand

inspired by the Akino Arai 's lyrics: Frozen sand
I'm desperate not able to find the full melody for you but hope the few I found will let your imagination wander in a part of my dreamworld.

Welcome in the Barrow-Downs forum ^_^

Ps hope you have reaplayer
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