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There is an amazing amound to insight here. Child, I would agree that while the article is perceptive, it doesn't take into account the combination of factors which lead to Frodo's departure from M.E. Belin's remarks about Sam make me start thinking that perhaps, beyond the spiritual and psychological dimensions there is a destiny involved in Tolkien's cosmology. All who had borne the ring were invited to go into the West, whatever degree they were wounded. It was both a choice and a destiny (that's a mystery none of us quite grasp.) That Gandalf and the elves came for Frodo at the time they did had something to do with his declining state, but perhaps more to do with their sensing that it was the appointed time to go.

Sam chose to go after his responsibilities in M.E. were fulfilled. He could, perhaps have chosen another end. I think the light began growing in his heart through his encounters with powers from the West that helped him as he struggled in Mordor. That light empowered him then, helped him grow in leadership and servanthood, and responded to a call from the West when it was time for him to go. Frodo's light led him down a more painful path and to grow in different ways...more toward the elven as many of you point out.

I think escape from pain is more a byproduct than a motive for going into the West. I somehow think living in company of Light enough of a think it was available to the elves all the time, the Noldor had seen it and left it... But that's another discussion.
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