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Iarwain, if Tolkien were of a mind to title the trilogy after your namesake, maybe a more descriptive title would be in order. After all, he didn't just name it Sauron. My suggestion is from Gandalf: The Moss Gatherer

There remains the tiny issue of convincing the publisher that a thusly titled book would generate any sales. [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

When Frodo arrives at the Counsel of Elrond, doesn't Sam call him "lord of the ring" (I recall it's "ring" not "rings", somebody correct me if I'm remembering this wrong). In any event this draws a swift rebuke from Gandalf, who says that the lord of the ring is not Frodo, but he who sits in the Dark Tower. I believe this is the only point in the entire trilogy where anything close to the title appears in the text.
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