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Tar-Palantir has just left Hobbiton.

I typed a response but deleted it and decided to drop the matter - because you are completely ignoring my main point, and the discussion wasn't going anywhere. Funny because my VERY FIRST POST of the woefully wasted many to follow in this thread stated that I believed Sauron was probably meant to be Lord of the Rings.

How many times do I have to say it to you! This is how I think about it, that is the sum total here Legolas - and I'm not trying to convince anyone. Thanks for the lead in sarcasm there, or not.

Another reason I did not respond is because your previous post was as insulting as this more more recent one was sarcastic. Ever thought of trying to soften up a bit and becoming more friendly? You certainly don't come off very chummy.

In any other circumstance I would have said "thanks for digging out the references", but this appears to be an insult:
Upon further thought, I deemed it only logical that in your thinking, you must've totally skipped over these parts of the book
I don't skip "parts". On the other hand I don't memorize them either, I am so proud that you are such an excellent fountain of Tolkien knowledge, but I will not to be baited into apologizing for my choice of imagery or apparent lack of Tolkien expertise. I "skipped" versus "forgot"?? Intentional choice of words Legolas? Bad choice.

I am upset now that I bit my tongue and tried to let it go (like you said you were going to do long ago?)
I'll be done with this, though. It's going nowhere.
How astute. If it were only easy to follow our own advice.

Want to hear a very short story? - about 20 years ago I began the Hobbit and it till this day holds the fondest memories for me. The RING, yes the Ring was mysterious and powerful and the cause of victory for the company of Dwarves and the good of just about everybody. About 17-18 years ago I began the LotR and continued with the same vision and awe concerning the Ring. For me LotR was an extension of The Hobbit, as it became clear that the pertinent details present from one to the other were Hobbits, Gandalf, The Ring and Gollum. So I still enjoyed holding the Ring as the main power - I liked it that way, it held to the key to the survival of all. I was thirteen-ish and those are memories of good days for me. Who are you to tell me that my thinking is illogical or that I didn't read the entirety of the books?

One last tip for you Legolas, don't "skip over parts" of other people's posts as you have quite obviously done with mine, at the same time accusing me of that with my reading. It's called hypocrisy.

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