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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
TGEW's sig just managed to creep me out.

Because when looking at it, I automatically understood the word "Party" in the meaning of "political party", and of course when I finished reading the sentence, it made me... nervous at least!
Oh yep, politics are the sport of the dead. That's why they are so creepy.

Originally Posted by Hookbill the Goomba View Post
I think TGEW is going to be the Barrow Wight Himself's next campaign manager when he stands for re-election as the Downs' supreme over lord.
I wonder how that will work out. And I also wonder how exactly you get hired for such a job, or do you get kidnapped and forced to do it? Hmmm.

For the record, this is my most favourite signature that I've ever had. I think that I'll probably keep it for a very long time.
The Party Doesn't Start Until You're Dead.
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