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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
Yes, it was the thing that Athanar was the eorl at that point, and so his firstborn son would be the one expected to become the eorl after him, but Athanar chose to instead pass Scarburg on to Eodwine's child if it is a boy. If you think about it from Wulfric's (and Wilheard's) point of view, it was really awful shock.
Yup, this exactly. It doesn't really count as disinheriting per se, but that's how Wulfric saw it and so that's what Wilheard thinks too. (Fun fact - I think Wulfric, had he not died tragically young and foolish, would have become a decent man and a good leader, he had those qualities in him even back then. Wilheard, I'm not so sure. A decent man, maybe one day, but he's not cut out to be a leader.)

Originally Posted by Mithalwen
Does Wilheard think Elfthain is a peasant (which could make things interesting) or did that mean Javan and Leof etc?
Well you know, I actually wasn't thinking very much at all when I wrote that line. Wilheard would consider anyone under of lower birth than him a peasant - which is funny, because he's not really a snob out of all things, I think his older brother must've just drilled some kind of sense of hierarchy into him - but I was just rereading Elfthain's bio and I don't think he's really much more of a peasant than Wilheard himself. So, I don't know - how does Elfthain carry himself? I noticed he has the courteous demeanor of someone well bred, but how are his clothes and equipment, how fancy? And does he mention his family much? Ie. do you think it would be plausible for someone who's not particularly observant about people (plus currently probably even less so bc some sort of ptsd/depression) to consider him a "peasant"?
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