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this isn't the movie board but o well.
they did use sertian carecters from a couple of vidio games and other sorcess. for instence. When Saruman whached his orcs dig out a human/orc inbread. the creater was the last boss from was craft 2.
the balrog was very similar to the daemon in fantasia and a devil from south american lore.
Well Im confused about the above comment, are you saying that "In the movie", the balrog is similiar to a video game charator. Or are you saying that in the book, Tolkien, got his idea about his "creations" from a video game. I sure hope that your not! I think that Tolkien passed away in the early 70's way before Atari was even around.

I may not just be understanding what your trying to imply though, but I would bet money that NO video game has anything to do with Tolkien, when he was still alive!
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