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Tolkien Middle Earth and Medieval England

Brief as my visits have become as of late, I must say before I go any further into this post that I quite miss the Barrow-Downs and the people who convene here. While doing some expeditious late-night article hunting I came across a little something that combined two things I hold quite close and felt the urge to share it with a community I felt might enjoy it.

The article is a discussion about Tolkien's desire and sources from Medieval England to frame the world of Middle Earth. While a great many of you might see it as 'old business', you might find reading over actually quite enjoyable as it does cite several sources and give specific examples. I would be delighted to hear the thoughts, finds and musings of others on this particular subject.

Without further adue: Middle Earth and Medieval England

(You will need some program that allows you to read .pdf files through your browser to view this article.)
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