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The Eye Ahem.

My list is rather skewed, so I shall put a synopsis, and then do a proper stat table thing . . . yeah.
  • IV - Lynched Day 3 - Win (suspicious person)
    Enjoyed being suspicious. Too much.

  • V - Killed Day 4 - Loss
    Adam played this one. Didn't see a Werewolf 'til it bit him in the behind. Hahaha.

  • VI - Killed Night 3 - Win (suspicious wolf-breeder)
    1 meaningless post, and then I was mistaken for a Seer by the Wolves.

  • VII - Lynched Day 1 - Loss (suspicious wolf-breeder redux)
    First self-vote (for me). The rest of the village followed.

  • IX - Killed Night 5 - Loss - Shirriff (irritatingly deep-thinking philosopher)
    My first serious game, methinks (since I missed DAY 1). Caught Glirdan the Black Beorning, but missed the Wolves entirely. ( Menel.)

  • XVI - Lynched Day 3 - Tie (suspicious carnivore)
    Failed to get lynched DAY 1 (Gil-galad beat me.) Then got lynched when Garin, who 'saved' me on DAY 1, turned out to be a Wolf. But I got my dissecting of votes for innocents was spot on, although I made an erroneous random accusation as a swan song.

  • XVII - Survived Day 7 - Win (escaped thrall from Tol-in-Gaurhoth)
    Self-vote failed to gather steam. Some nice (and somewhat flawed) analyses, a lot of flirting with a spider (who called me her personal--but unneeded--Cobbler), but helped set up the win under SPM's lead. Me trusting SPM too much in this game set the stage for the next, and perhaps most memorable, game for me:

  • XVIII - Killed Night 8 - Loss (fishmonger)
    Argh!!! I thought I got Aiwendil, but he was just SPW's sacrifice! I was already thinking that, if I'm killed this NIGHT (leaving Farael, Glirdan, and SPM the next DAY), then that aluminium-hatted chap is surely a Wolf. And the rest is bitterness. (Also, this was my first DAY 1 where I voted for someone else: Farael.)

    (This game was also the scene of the infamous anagram scandal.)

  • XIX - Killed Night 1 - Mod (Prophet of the Mod God)
    Best game evah!

  • JVIII - Lynched Day 1 - Win - Wolf (elven pigeon-summoning ninja)
    FENRIS WOLF!!! Received 'The "Live Fast, Die Young" Award'.

  • XXI - Killed Night 5 - Loss - Seer (the ne'er do well hubby of dancing spawn)
    I didn't know that Gurthang will also get my dream even when I was degifted. (Second time I voted for someone else.)

  • XXII - Quit Day 2 - Win (ex-world champion in chess)
    '' summarises this.

  • XXIII - Lynched Day 1 - Win - Ranger (renowned Jinchuuriki hunter)
    FENRIS RANGER!!! I must have driven JennyHallu (the Hunter, with whom I could communicate during the DAY) mad.

  • XXIIX - Survived Day 7 - Win - Wolf (Bifur)
    I just want to say an 'I told you so!' to Volo (for not listening to me on NIGHT 4 about killing Durelin ) and a 'That was bloody brilliant!' for his Seer-impersonation. Along with (if you may forgive me for my vanity) my perfect deduction of Seer-Durelin's dreaming of Ang and Volo, it gave me the perfect aura of innocence.
  • XLVII - Lynched Day 4 - Loss - Wolf (a house-bound sandwich-maker, married to Thinlómien)
    Good wolf by NIGHT, rather clumsy villager by DAY.

So, stats on my serious games are:
  • Win/Loss rate: 2.5/4.5
  • Good/Evil rate: 5/2
  • Ordo/Special rate: 4/3 (My seriousness not does not always equate to a role.)
  • Survival/Lynch/Kill rate: 2/2/3

Moral of my serious games: Analysis won't get you anywhere, except headache land. So why not have fun before you die?
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