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Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Aganzir is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
XXXII: The Lost Age - ordo, killed on night 5 by the shade, won
Spotted a few loopholes in the rules but had no clue about the wolves and refused to trust Nog's hunter claim.

XXXIII: Other Minds and Hands - ordo/medium, killed by wolves on night 6, lost (Sméagol)
Started out as an ordo but was nominated by the medium to be his successor when he died. Pretended to be the hunter but it didn't work - got killed by Di and Shasta the night before the game ended.

Four and Thirty: Bloodbath in the Anduin Vale - wolf, killed by the shapeshifter on night 4, lost (the dwarf delegate of a woodsmen village)
I was a wolf with Mith and Isabell, misinterpreted Mith's last words and committed unintentional suicide by attacking Boro the shapeshifter (yet would have been killed by the other wolf pack the very same night, anyway).

XXXIX: Do Werebalrogs have Wings? - co-mod (Aganwë the old miner)
Helped Lommy with some narrations, did the dirty work for her, gave her funny ideas. The village won.

XXXX: The Scouring of the Shire, vol. 2 - wolf, survived day 5, won (Agan Sackville-Baggins)
My favourite game ever. Survived til the end with Mac and Fea, only Greenie got lynched earlier. Contributed heavily to the double-lynching of two innocents which ensured our victory.

XXXXI: With a Twist - cobbler, happy to be lynched on day 8, won (the hangwoman)
Everybody was a cobbler. I kept accusing Nog and Mac (who were wolves, though not in the same pack) and eventually the seer dreamed of both Mac and Rikae. I was lynched on the final day although I made the mistake of voting for morm the wolf.
This was the first game ever I received a vote.

XLII: The Meaning of Life Forever - wolf, survived day 2, won
Had a lovely pack of Brinn, Valier, sally and Lommy (and Roa & Greenie who got lynched on the trial days). We chatted unbelievably much during the nights and had some good code phrases to use during the days to keep in contact. I was sure Ka the ranger and Rikae the seer were in fact cobblers.

XLII: Mist in the Barrow Downs - ordo, lynched on day 1, lost
I was sure Mac was a wolf and got lynched myself instead. I was wrong, of course.

XLIV: In the House of Tom Bombadil - mod (Death, the white wolf)
Had great fun watching the game and writing sweet narrations. The whole wolf pack (Durelin, Nerwen, Nogrod) survived.

XLV: The Fellowship of Saruman - ranger, lynched on day 2, won (Lobelia Sackville-Baggins)
Named two of the three traitors (jokingly, but still) in my first post. Caught Gwath, trusted Lommy's judgement too much on Groin and had no clue about The Kaa (). And *almost* protected the one the wolves attacked on night 2.
Lobelia was a lovely character to play, though.

XLVI: Getting Back to Basics - ordo, killed by wolves on night 2, won (cobbler)
Caught Gwath and suspected Nogrod. And then I was killed!

XLVII: Dueling Wizards II - wolf, lynched on day 2, lost (the little match girl, Lalaith's daughter & Ka's big sister)
Rikae was the EW and had Cailín, Nilp and me as her original wolf pack. I was suspected heavily from the very beginning (mostly thanks to Lommy who started it all), and was lynched when Cailín was forced to choose between me and Mac who had revealed as the ranger.


Games played: 10
Win/Loss: 6/4
Good/Evil: 5/5
Ordo/Special: 3/7
Survived/Lynched/Killed: 2/4/4

I find it funny that I have never survived as an innocent.
He bit me, and I was not gentle.
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