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i had a very weird dream.. i dreamt that me and my friend Kaylee were hobbits, and the whole of Hobbiton was going up against a small army of miniature Orcs, they were up to our chests. They won, so for some reason we were all pretending we were dead, and the this one Orc came up and said "Hmm, which one shall we eat first?" and he started to chew on Kaylee's arm, but she screamed and ran away, so he started to chew on mine but i jumped up and was all "NO!!" so then we all got up and went into these two huge warehouse rooms, and the Orcs went into one and we went into the other, and the Orcs were all "Ha ha, our room has more than yours!" and then our big boss pulled a string and the walls of our room went up and we had even more stuff than the Orcs, and we had a whole bunch of sweets and pastries and cookies and stuff. So we all started pigging out and Pippin was in the corner stuffing his face, when suddenly over a loudspeaker i heard "Pippin Took is being arrested for eating another hobbit." (Don't ask.) So two Orcs came into our room and started to take him away, and i ran up and gave him a hug so he would feel better and i said "show them theyre wrong! by the way youre very cute." i dont know why i said that. LOL. anyways then they took him into their room and did an x-ray of his stomach, and there was Merry's waistcoat inside of it. he was all "I didn't eat Merry, i just ate his waistcoat!" Then i woke up. i think this tops the list for weird dreams. Yay, i am the champion! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] lol!
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