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In all honesty, I have never seen an entry about the creation of the goblin race, so the theory of their evolution is quite intriguing.

As for the Uruk-hai having the ability to travel in daylight, being smarter, faster, than their dark loving cousins, again, that would be a factor of breeding. I would think that they would inherit certain traits from both parent races. The time factor is there as well. The uruk-hai were not created 'overnight', after all, Gandalf was held prisoner by Saruman, for possibly 30 or so years. In that time, Saruman, should he prove to be the one who created the uruk-hai, would have had time to refine the orc's inherent traits of intelligence and warcraft, as well as combat skills, endurance, and so forth. With dark magic and dark knowledge combined, I'd say the Uruk-hai were quite a step up from their progenitors, the Olog-hai.

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