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Originally Posted by Inziladun View Post
Of the Ents' beginnings, The Silmarillion states that they were due to arrive when Yavanna's thought would 'summon spirits from afar'. Manw seems to put them in the same category as the Eagles of the West, as also beings not born in bodies, but with a spiritual entry causing them to 'awake'. It seems to be a catchall explanation for everything from Eagles, to Huan, and maybe even to Tom Bombadil, to say that they are bodies inhabited by Auinur, but that really does seem the likely canon rationalization.
thats interesting. I wonder if after they were 'awoken' if their physical bodies died they would then slumber or dream, and their dream would inhabit the land. Dont native Australians call their spirit world Dreamtime? or something similar.
I often wonder about Goldberry being some kind of water spirit too. Sometimes even inanimate objects like Elven rope seem to have a kind of intelligence of their own, maybe not spirit but a kind of sympathetic Elven magic maybe.

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