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Umm... that's scary, Shadowed soul. Are you the Oracle, or something?
Yes, that's off topic, but I had to say it... now for on topic...

I found Barrowdowns a while ago, was inspired by them to start writing fanfiction... which can now be found at because I don't write Barrowdowns fanfiction usually...
I love the Lord of the Rings... and really want to know one thing: where can I find Elvish lessons? I want to learn more then just memorized phrases from the movie!!!!!!!!
This forum is cool!!!! But I wish Baroowdowns still did Parodies in the fanfiction area...
Check out my annoyingly crazy fanfiction and weird profiles here or here
One is weird, the other not so. So, that's my introdution!

And to all other newcomers.... WELCOME TO THE BARROWDOWNS...
Mae govvanen!!!! And whatever the elves say with that!!!
-Eowyn Skywalker
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