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At last! Access!

Hello all newbies! I've been away for quite awhile because when the new systems went up for this site, my proxy system totally blocked it! Grrr.
I've said it before...if you have seen the movies and are attempting the books(or not) and you are confused/have questions, PM me. Seriously, I've been where you are. Not three years ago I was hounding bookworms for more information, then books now I'm on the Christopher Tolkien 12 book series. That man is a massiah to me. Anyhobble, like I said, any problems that maybe you're too lazy to look up in the great caverns of this forum, I'll either have the answer or know where to find it. This also applies to questions concerning this site...but maybe Moderators would be the best people to ask...though I do believe in Order of rank, so I'm always around.

I threw up a thread awhile ago(that sounds gross doesn't it?) about me making a Movie goer's FAQ essay. I'm still doing that and I'd really appreciate your questions. I can't remember my confussions back in the day...I've clouded my mind with too many books.
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