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Vision for the Game

Most of the game will be within the Ulfing settlement, looking at Ulfing life, through the sceptical and opposing eyes of my Elf and Durelin's spy. I was almost going for a "War and Peace" feel here; I wanted a long section of peace where readers developed sympathy for even the unlikeliest characters followed by a quick march to war.

The fates of all the characters at the Nirnaeth, from Uldor and my Elf down to the last Ulfing or Borrim, will be covered in an epilogue compiled by everyone...if you think that's a good idea.

Uldor is a Player Character, and indeed a more important one than Ulfang. We're never told Ulfang the Black's fate; it's not even obvious that he and his contemporary Bor were at the Nirnaeth. So I decided to make him old and doddering. Uldor is the real "leader".

The characters it's hard to decide about are Ulwarth and Ulfast. They'd make interesting, but really unpleasant, characters for players. They're older than Uldor and I doubt they like him lording it over them, but they're too craven to resist.

As for the split...I originally did envisage a split between the Ulfings, but now wonder whether that would be uncanonical as there's no mention of Ulfings fighting on the Elven side after Uldor's treachery. I think, by and large, Uldor has to "persuade" most of the Ulfings. He may even dispose of some especially brave rebels.

The Borrim are there to discover, or get some inkling of, the plot, and report it back to my Elf, who will consider it and eventually, due to the esteem he's developed for the Ulfings, not believe them.
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