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Character Description Form:

Have you posted in The Golden Perch Inn, The Green Dragon Inn, The White Horse Inn, or The Eorling Mead Hall in Rohan? YES/NO

This is a requirement for playing in an RPG in the Shire or Rohan.

For your character please include:





WEAPONS: (No magical, super-hero, mithril weapons. Just good solid Middle-earth weapons and armor only that is appropriate to the race of the character and the time period.)


PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: (No half-Elven characters. No mixed-type characters. No super-heroes. No assassins. No one all powerful, martial arts proficient, or having any magical traits. Just regular characters with normal abilities for their races only)



First Posts for the characters are requested for this game.

Originally Posted by Anguirel, post #17
First posts would be brilliant, yes.

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