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Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
I came across a synopsis of the plot of this game. Let's just say it gave me a new appreciation for Peter Jackson's gifts as a storyteller and an appreciation for his faithful adherence to the letter and spirit of Tolkien's works.

You may mark this day on your calendar.
I haven't dared set foot near the story. If it's as hopeless as the War in the North story, then that's just shameful.

I really don't understand how hard it is to set something in the first age around an event with basically no details, then invent your own characters for it.
That way, nobody can complain are lore breaking, because you confined it to a certain event, you made your own characters that nobody can criticize for not being what the character was actually like, and the gameplay can still be amazing.

What idiots we have making our games.
Seriously, the title 'Middle Earth: Insert Name Here' will sell. Doesn't need to be recognizable by anyone, because they will buy it.
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