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Mith, I don't know if you've started your post for Tathren yet, but if not, I've thought up rather a cunning wheeze.

Could your post take the Elves from where they are at the end of my post - entering the settlement - to where they are at the beginning of Folwren's Uldor post - with Ulfang, waiting for Uldor's arrival? Ulfang will say the negotiations can's begin till Uldor is present.

Folwren, one change I'd like you to make if the end of your post, "an elven lord", should be cut or changed to something like "the elven lord" or even "our overlord." Ulfang and his sons have sworn fealty to Caranthir, and know who he is, just like, say, Canadians know who the Queen is. Inept comparison maybe! Lovely post by the way.
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