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Silmaril gaining momentum?

My good Imladris, you probably WERE clear, I have brain-like-sieve, remember?

So-- looks like we've got enough to get out of the city. Orual, you can proceed with "indenturing" Aeron. Once that is settled, the four can relax and chat over some ale, and Mellonin can ask for news about her brother (the current excitement has temporarily diverted her...)

So... this be the plan: Aeron's enslavement; Ravion's revelation; a day of hasty preparations; and-- departure!

I was going to suggest that Aeron foot the bill for the preparations, but he will no longer have his hefty coin bag, will he... shucks.

Raefindan and Mellonin as yet have no weapons, do they? Hmmm. I was going to have Mellonin buy a knife, and outfumbled it.

Orual-- I'm glad Ravion is the sort that has premonitions! It'll come in handy for lots of plot twists, I hope? I **love** writing in response to surprises...

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