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Lothlorien: Erebemlin

“My lord, I will aid you with any need you have.” Erebemlin did not understand Amroth’s insistent behavior. Was his word no longer adequate? “Please, come and rest. Taitheneb, bring us food suitable for a weary king.”

Taitheneb nodded and quickly descended the mellorn. His mind was swimming with what he had witnessed. How could that young mortal be the long departed King Amroth? Yet, the Silmaethor believed. Taitheneb landed on the forest floor and comforted the horses that awaited their young masters, before hurrying to gather the provisions Erebemlin wanted.

Meanwhile, Erebemlin turned his attention on the second boy, Amroth’s companion. The Sinda touched the boy’s mind and saw anxiety and fierce loyalty to Amroth. Do not fear. We will not harm you. The young boy relaxed slightly. Tell me your name, young one.

The boy remained silent, but Erebemlin saw his mind form the image of a pig. That is an animal. What is your name?

They call me pig, but he names me, Mellon.

You are a friend. That is well. Erebemlin knelt to look into the boy’s eyes. But you need a real name, Mellon. The Sinda thought for a moment while looking the boy over. You are of a wandering people, are you not? The young boy nodded and shared his family’s fate and his meeting and love for Amroth. “Neth-gwador, I shall call you…young brother. For you are brave and show strong loyalty and love for the King.”

The boy tried to wrap his tongue around the name, "Net-kwad-er."

Erebemlin smiled and touched the boy's shoulder. "Noble effort. Try it this way...Nethwador." The young mortal tried once more and procounced the name beautifully. "Very well, indeed. Now you shall never be known as an animal again."

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