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Anorien, Dec. 17, Mellonin

Mellonin raised an eyebrow. "A mere woman." Giving Gwillion a nudge, she repeated "...a mere woman... Aeron, is that what you think of us?"

"Leave my sister out of this, " Aeron hissed.

Mellonin lowered her voice til he could barely hear it. "Indeed I will not. It is well known that the way a man treats his sister is the way he will treat his wife. And you risked your life-- at least, you risked rotting in a jail cell, by urging that we agree to have Gwillion along. You risked your future for your sister; therefore you would risk your future for a woman you loved. So you do not think Amroth was a fool. And that means you are lying to me, Aeron."

Aeron studied her in the firelight. She did not look angry. She acted as if she was merely stating a fact. Was she angry?

Why did he care?

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