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Question Ravion's Company in Anorien, morning of Dec. 18

Raefindan, Mellonin, and Ravion planned watches for the night, despite Aeron's bemusement. The starry night passed peacefully, although Raefindan woke Ravion twice to point out something he thought suspicious. One movement turned out to be a fox hunting field mice. The second turned out to be an owl sitting in a low branch just over a hill.

Raefindan apologised.

"I would rather you wake me seven times too many than once too few, " said Ravion as he lay back down the second time.

Raefindan was glad the darkness hid his crimson face.

Ravion had the last watch and woke everyone before sunrise. He nudged Raefindan first, bidding him hold Jorje while he woke the rest. Breakfast was uneventful, packing was swift and he was content with their progress; at noon, they stopped under an elm tree overlooking the river, loosened Gond's pack harness, let him graze, and sat down for lunch.

Mellonin burrowed into her pack, and took out the pen and ink and parchment, and wrote for a while. Ravion was bemused, Raefindan spoke words of kindness and courage. Aeron and Gwyllion paid her no heed.

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