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Shield ROHAN: Liornung & Argeleafa

Argeleafa followed closely behind Liornung, feeling a bit bewildered at the happenings. She felt it odd that the stranger should receive such a reception as he had. It was not the way her family had done it. A stranger would have been welcomed, invited to sit and eat and share in the warmth of the fire. It was indeed strange how they had drawn weapons and been threatening. And now when they were sure the stranger would not harm them they rode away without a kind greeting nor a farewell! Yet it was most probable that life in the wild was much different. Safety ruled over courtesy, or so it seemed.

The girl cast a glance over her shoulder and was more than a little surprised to see the stranger following them. If she had been disregarded in such a manner so would not waste more time on useless pursuits. It could be, however, that he was not seeking them to make their acquaintance but to find information. He had introduced himself as a Ranger, after all. Tilting her head to one side, she decided that life in the wild was most definitely odd... so odd it was amusing. A little smile pulled at the corners of her lips and a dimple appeared on her right cheek. Attempting to smother the smile, she rode up alongside Liornung. He turned to her in a distracted manner. "Liornung," she said, "might I ride by the Ranger and learn what he would have with us? It seemed to me that we were a bit uncourteous in riding away in such a manner."

Liornung groaned softly, a shadow crossing his face. Bowing his head, he shook it gently and gestured to Argeleafa. "By all means do so," he said. "I will sit in misery, remembering the days when I never forgot common courtesies as now I ride away without at least a kindly smile. I fear my friends will not know me when I return, so rough and impolite will I be."

Argeleafa thanked him for his permission, then slowed her horse until the Ranger caught up. She rode by him, and he eyed her carefully, perhaps wondering what she wished of him. Now that she was in the situation, she did not know what it was that she wanted of him. She had hoped he would speak first. Yet he remained silent. "Good day, sir," she said, and paused. It was not a very intelligent thing to say, but perhaps it would prompt him to speak.

"And to you," he replied shortly, though not unkindly. There was another silence, but just as Argeleafa was beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be better to go back to Liornung, he spoke again. "Are you of the wayfarers?" he questioned.

"I am," she replied, "and then I am not. My father took my mother and me to join them just five weeks ago, but Liornung did not wish me to be with them. In truth I did not enjoy it myself."

"Which one is Liornung?"

Argeleafa pointed him out, and the Ranger nodded. Again the silence came, and this time he did not break it. The lass wondered if she were annoying him, and again considered going back to Liornung. Yet neither he nor Bella seemed interested in anything but going after Amroth... And she was confused. She did not know why Amroth was so important, but knew only that she was homesick. She wanted someone to smile at her. It seemed so long since she had received a smile from anyone, despite all her smiles. Turning to the Ranger, she caught his eye the only way she knew how. She gazed steadily at him until he glanced at her again, and then, realizing that she was looking right him, did not avert his eyes. When she was certain he was looking right at her, she smiled, the dimple appearing in her right cheek and her eyes shining in a friendly fashion. Perhaps he would smile back, or perhaps she would only receive the cold, surprised look that she received from the wayfarers, as if it were a horrific thing that she was actually smiling. Yet the Ranger was not a wayfarer, and she was used to seeing no returning smile. However it would be lovely to see one this time....
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