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"I will not let this boy go unpunished!" the Merchant shouted, jerking Aeron's arm again. "He has made quite a name for himself in various Gondorians cities! Have you seen their hovel? Can you even imagine the wealth that lies hidden within it? I would not be surprised if this lad was as rich as I am!"

"I said to let him go," Ravion said, a flicker sparking in his eyes. "I do not want to fight you."

"So, a ranger --" the merchant sneered the word --"is protecting a known criminal and depriving me justice?"

"You can have the necklace back," said Ravion, reaching into his pocket and tossing it to the merchant's feet. The merchant did not spare a glance for it and spat, "I want justice! I want to see this boy punished so that he will never steal again! What? Did you think you could change him with your noble manners? Look at him," he said, jerking his arm again. "Do you think he will change?"


Gwyllion struggled for breath, but it did not come to her. The Bad Man was going to take her brother away from her, put him a jail. He was hurting him...why did he not stop? Could he not see that he was hurting him badly? So very badly...she closed her eyes. She could feel herself begin to tremble.

Aeron screamed and her eyes snapped open. He was doubled over now, his face white. Ravion drew his sword, but Gwyllion leaped forward and plowed into him, entwining her arms around his neck and squeezing. "Let him go!" she shouted, as the merchant thrashed in the water.
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